Ghillie Strips by Sillosock Decoys

3-D Layout Blind Concealment! Choose Corn or White

Insulated Soft-Sided Gear Bag by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $45, Now $29.95ea!!
ˆ20.37 (EUR)

Windsock to Sillosocks Conversion Kits

Convert you older windsocks into Sillosocks!

Replacement Economy Snow Bag with Liner bag by Sillosocks Decoys

All white Econo Sillosock body and liner bag
ˆ1.53 (EUR)

Snow Goose Stencil for Sillosock Economy Snow Goose Decoys

This steel laser cut stencil will last for years!
ˆ10.17 (EUR)

Replacement Mallard Sillosocks Bag

Choose hen or drake.

Replacement Snow Goose Sillosocks Bags(printed)

Printed Snow Goose Sillosock Bag and Liner
ˆ2.03 (EUR)

SS1029BL Juvy Snow Repl Bag with Liner Bag

Replacement Juvy Snow Bag w/ Plastic Liner Bag
ˆ2.38 (EUR)

SS1036BL Replacement Blue SilloSocks Bag

Fully Printed Blue SilloSocks Replacement Bag.
ˆ3.06 (EUR)

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