We carry all kinds of cool snow goosin' equipment including decoy sleds, frozen ground punches, blinds, snow covers, blind decoys, telescopic flagging poles, rotary machines, Siloguards, Bird Hitches, etc.

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Extra Speaker (WHITE) for Snow Pro by Foxpro

Add an additional Speaker for Foxpro Snow Pro!! Comes with a 12' Cord and 1/4" Jack.
ˆ50.97 (EUR)

White UVision Snow Goose Paint by Parker Paint

Replicates the UV reflection of real snow goose feathers.
From ˆ16.97 (EUR)

**FREE SHIPPING** Son of Stalker by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** WAS $140, NOW $119.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING! This unit moves SS Flyers horizontally from side to side.
ˆ81.57 (EUR)

Insulated Soft-Sided Gear Bag by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $45, Now $29.95ea!!
ˆ20.37 (EUR)

Just Wings with 12' Telescopic Pole by Sillosocks Decoys

We have seen awesome results decoying ducks with Just Wings!
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
ˆ13.57 (EUR)


Moves 2 Flyers horizontally.
ˆ88.37 (EUR)

Snow Goose Stencil for Sillosock Economy Snow Goose Decoys

This steel laser cut stencil will last for years!
ˆ10.17 (EUR)

Tornado Rotary Stand Only (SS1258stand) by Sillosocks Decoys

Retrofit your old Rotary or use as a Mojo Stand!
ˆ27.17 (EUR)

Windsock to Sillosocks Conversion Kits

Convert you older windsocks into Sillosocks!
From ˆ1.33 (EUR)
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