Whiffling.....flipping Decoys.


  • Feather Flyers™ Flippers ™ can be used as windvanes, garden art and decoys.
  • A unique, yet simple design for unmatched performance.
  • Flippers automatically adjust to changing wind direction.
  • From zero to hurricane force winds, Flippers perform naturally.
  • Durable and built to last, yet weigh only a few ounces.
  • Proven whiffling motion attracts waterfowl.
  • For use with 1/2 EMT conduit and rotary machines.
  • Designed with accurate paint schemes.
  • The most realistic flying bird replicas on the market.
  • In heavy winds Flippers out perform all other decoys!!
  • Feather Flyers™ are the only brand that will work with rotary/vortex machines in heavy winds.
  • Even with no wind, Flippers are always flying level and natural.
  • Flippers are made of strong high-density, flexible foam – not low-density, brittle "beer cooler" foam!


Pronunciation: hwi´fəl•ing
Function: intransitive verb
Definition: 1. Descending rapidly in preparation to land. Motions include fast side-slipping, wings vertical to earth, twisting side to side. This behavior is typically seen when birds, especially geese, are determined to land immediately. 2. The motion of a Feather Flyer™ , designed to mimic similar motion of live birds.



 Feather Flyers Testimonials

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FlyRight Flying Decoy Machines by Pacific Wings

From €495.33 (EUR)

**FREE SHIPPING** Painted Snow Goose Feather Flyer Decoy

**SALE** Normally $200/6pk, On Sale now for $169.99/6pk!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
€134.26 (EUR)

Feather Flyers 6 Slot Bag

**SALE** Normally $35ea. on SALE now for $29.99ea.
€23.69 (EUR)

Feather Flyer Coupler

From €3.94 (EUR)

FF Extra Rotation Plug

Extra Rotation Plug
€2.37 (EUR)

BLOW-OUT SALE! The Last Stand by Feather Flyer Decoys

***Blow-out Sale*** Normally $40, ON SALE NOW FOR $19.95. Made for hard ground,ice, deepwater, gravel rivers!
€15.76 (EUR)

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