We are now offering reloading components for state of the art Tungsten loads for 20ga, 28ga, and 410 Bore.   They include Tungsten Super Shot (18g/cc), Hulls, Wads, Nitro cards and fillers, etc.  The list is growing.

NOTE:  We can no longer accept Paypal for Ammo or Ammo Components as it is against thier new rules.  Apparently, they are trying to make us all safer, however this new rule/political statement does absolutely nothing but divide us.  You can still pay by credit card, check, or money order. Sorry about that!  Please voice your opinion to Paypal 1-888-221-1161

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18 g/cc Tungsten Super Shot TSS - FREE SHIPPING

**SALE** BEST PRICES IN THE COUNTRY! Normally $52/pound, now $41.95/pound! Plus FREE SHIPPING!
From ˆ142.77 (EUR)
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