Head, legs, and feet for Bigfoot Decoys. 

Canadas, Snows, Blues, Specks, and Mallards


Bigfoot Active Semi-feeder Replacement Head

For original style standard type Bigfoots
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Feeder Replacement Head

For Feeder type Bigfoot Canadas
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Little Bull Replacement Head

Smaller of the 2 Bull heads
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Replacement feet

Replacement foot for bigfoot fullbody decoys
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Replacement legs

Replacement legs for Bigfoot fullbody decoys
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Replacement Resting Head

Flocked Canada Resting pose
$6.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Replacement Sentry Head

Flocked Canada Sentry head
$6.99 (USD)