Head, legs, and feet for Bigfoot Decoys. 

Canadas, Snows, Blues, Specks, and Mallards


Bigfoot Active Semi-feeder Replacement Head

For original style standard type Bigfoots
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Feeder Replacement Head

For Feeder type Bigfoot Canadas
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Little Bull Replacement Head

Smaller of the 2 Bull heads
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Replacement feet

Replacement foot for bigfoot fullbody decoys
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Replacement legs

Replacement legs for Bigfoot fullbody decoys
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Replacement Resting Head

Flocked Canada Resting pose
ˆ4.75 (EUR)

Bigfoot Replacement Sentry Head

Flocked Canada Sentry head
ˆ4.75 (EUR)