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Little Man LM-1

Lesser Canada Goose Call

by Zink Calls

Little Man LM-1 Goose Call by Zink Calls is one of Fred's best creation yet!

The Little Man's unique bell-shaped end piece and mouthpiece work together to produce the most realistic raspy clucks and barks needed to effectively hunt all small subspecies of the Canada goose.

If you love to hunt "lessers" as much as Fred Zink does, you will want this call!

16 colors to choose from!

Here is an outstanding goose calling routine using the LM-1.

LM-1 Little-Man getting tuned up! #tuneduptuesday #zinkcallsavianx #LM-1 #orangemarblade #talkthetalk

Posted by Zink Calls on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
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**FREE SHIPPING** Dark Smoke Acrylic Lesser Canada Short Reed Goose Call
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