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Walt Gabbard's CD - "Hillbilly Man"

This was Walt first CD and it is excellent! Good down earth hunting music!
Manufacturer: Zink Calls

Walt Gabbard's CD 

"Hillbilly Man"

These songs will get in your head and stay there. This was Walt's first CD and it is excellent!  This is a great CD to put onto your E-Caller for pre and post hunt music.

Gabbard, if you haven'™t heard, is a hardcore wild turkey, waterfowl, and whitetail hunter. He also got a voice as smooth as Kentucky bourbon, not to mention being the creative genius behind Zink Calls and Avian-X'™s video productions and more.

There'™s plenty of his love of turkey, duck and deer hunting in these songs.

So where does he get his inspiration? œFamily, friends and hunters like me inspire these songs, especially the people who bought and supported my first album. Thanks to them. Without their help and encouragement this second album wouldn'™t have been possible.

This Hillbilly Man CD by Walt Gabbard will get you pumped.