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**FREE SHIPPING** X-treme Turkey Breeder Pack - 1 Jake and 1 Hen (13300) by Dakota Decoys

Manufacturer: Dakota Decoys


X-Treme Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys

1 Jake and 1 Hen (DAK13300)

By Dakota Decoys

Buy the Pair and Save!

This Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys (DAK13300) by Dakota Decoys is the most realistic turkey decoys on the market.

"…because if you don’t think it looks just like a  turkey, neither will the turkeys."

The all new Dakota Decoy X-Treme Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys will drive toms absolutely crazy. The pair features our new dual purpose X-Treme Hen Decoy and our X-Treme Jake Decoy. Set the hen on the ground in her submissive pose with the jake facing her rear and watch the show begin as toms lose their minds as the breeding instinct takes over.

Both decoys are constructed of a new EVA blend plastic, making them virtually indestructible. The new blend of plastic has the best paint retention of any decoy on the market.

Backed by Dakota Decoy's warranty; if the paint falls or flakes off, they will replace it. Includes a simple metal stake system, with internal storage for ease of running and gunning.

  • Includes 2 decoys: a relaxed hen and a jake
  • Ultimate realism and detail
  • Durable EVA plastic body
  • Guaranteed paint retention
  • Internal storage
  • Includes metal stake system

It’s the best turkey decoys on the market.” Brooks Johnson – Arrow Affliction

…because if you don’t think it looks just like a  turkey, neither will the turkeys.

Try these NEW Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys (13300) by Dakota Decoys  and you be hooked!