**FREE SHIPPNG** Speck Whitefront Floating Goose Decoys 6pk by Dakota Decoys

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Specklebelly Floating Goose Decoys

 (6 pack)

by Dakota Decoys

Dakota Decoy is proud to announce the new Speck Whitefront floaters!

The new floating Whitefronts or Specklebelly (aka Speck) decoys will bring the much expanding speck population to a halt!! These decoys are built Dakota Tuff and will be the envy of all speck hunters. The decoys are a one piece decoy for ease of hunting.

These new Speck Floating Goose Decoys are constructed with a blend of high and low density polyethylene to insure they will withstand everyday abuse hunters deliver to their decoys. These decoys measure 21" long.

Decoys are packaged in 6 packs, and have a weighted keel to self-right the decoys when tossed into the water!

These Speck Whitefront Floating Goose Decoys by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more birds!
**SALE** Normally $195/6pk, On SALE now For $184.95/6pk! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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