Ross Goose Fullbody Goose Decoys 6 pk by Deception Outdoors

**SALE** Normally $220/6pk, On Sale now for $169.95/6pk
Manufacturer: Deception Outdoors

Ross Goose Fullbody Goose Decoys

 Upright or Feeder 6 Packs

by Deception Outdoors

New for this Year!   A Prairiewind Exclusive product.

Deception Decoys introduces their NEW Ross Goose Full Body decoy!   These custom decoys are very reasonably priced for a custom decoy that is made in the USA! 

These decoys are made to last a lifetime.    They are made of a soft plastic with some "give" a Big Foot. The carving, anatomy, and feather detail are second to none. Roto-molded one at a time which allows the greatest degree of undercuts and detail.

 They have a stake pocket similar to a Dave Smith Lesser.  They come with 1/4" dia. steel stakes so hard frozen ground is not an issue. Stakes measure 20" long. Pink Bungee legs attach the decoys to the stake.  Make longer stakes and use them in shallow water as Floaters!

These decoys are tough and amazingly lightweight.  Add them in the hole of your snow goose rig as a confidence decoy.  These Ross goose decoys by Deception Outdoors are a great addition to any spread. They will help you kill more Adult snow geese.........and they are Beautiful just to look at.  

Uprights measure - 16" Long x 6.5" Wide

Feeders measure - 18" Long x 6.5 Wide

4 Adults and 2 Juveniles per 6 pack.

Approx 3 dz. will fit in a Sillosock Cube bag.(sold separately) or use an Avery 6 slot or 12 slot bag to store them in.


Choose Upright or Feeder 6 pks.