**SALE** Canada Goose Flag w/Max5 Backing (B9596) by Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $26ea, ON SALE NOW FOR $16.95ea!!


Canada Goose Flag w/Max 5 Backing


by Banded Gear

This Canada Goose Flag w/Max5 Backing (B9596) will help you harvest more snow geese.

Add motion to your spread with the Banded Canada Goose Flag. It mimics the movement of a landing or flapping goose, catching the eye of flying waterfowl and luring them into your spread. Construction highlights include a strong fiberglass shaft with rubber grips, flexible fiberglass wing shafts for realistic motion and heavy-duty metal wing-shaft receiver. Realtree MAX-5™ print on one side, black on the other.

  • Resembles a landing or flapping goose
  • Fiberglass shaft with rubber grip
  • Fiberglass wing shafts for perfect flapping motion
  • Heavy duty metal wing shaft receiver 
  • 31” Long 
  • 45” wingspan

Our desire to create the ultimate line of decoy accessories led us around the globe. We searched for the perfect materials and the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available to suit the demanding waterfowl hunter. Our goal was to create accessories that were well made, performed in all conditions and made the days afield more enjoyable. We drew up ideas, tested samples and put our gear through the rigors of the rugged outdoors. After fine tuning our designs, we were left with a line of decoy accessories that are practical and will perform day after day. We’re proud to say that our gear is tough, our gear is “sharp,” and our gear works.

This Banded Canada Goose Flag w/Max5 Backing (B9596) is well made and will last for years.