**FREE SHIPPING** Green Wing Teal Duck Decoys 6pk (DAK20010) by Dakota Decoys

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Green Wing Teal Floaters

     6 Pack

      by Dakota Decoys

These Floating Green Wing Teal Decoys by Dakota Decoys are some of the finest gunning decoys on the market. 

The first thing you will notice on our new Dakota Greenwing Teal is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy. Our drakes go through a 24 step painting process, and our hens go through a 16 step painting process. This attention to detail is evident the minute you lay eyes on these decoys! 

The decoys are packaged in 6 packs with 3 drakes with 2 unique body styles, and 3 hens with 2 body styles. One look at these and you’ll agree… duck hunting will never be the same!

These Green Wing Teal Decoys 6pk by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more ducks!

Dakota Decoy, The Migration Stops Here…

Green Wing Teal 6pk - DAK20010
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