X-treme Pintail Floater Duck Decoys 6pk (DAK13700) by Dakota Decoys

**SALE** Normally $100/6pk, ON SALE NOW FOR $89.95/6pk
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X-treme Pintail Floating Duck Decoys

                6pk - DAK13700

                 by Dakota Decoys

These X-treme Pintail Floating Duck Decoys 6pk (DAK13700) by Dakota Decoys are some of the finest gunning decoys on the market. 

The Dakota Decoy Xtreme Floating Pintail Decoys have slightly oversized bodies with weighted keels that produce lifelike motion with the slightest breeze.

With these Ultra realistic paint schemes you will be able to fool the wariest late-season birds. Each 6-pack comes with 3 drakes and 3 hens. 

X-treme Pintail Floater Duck Decoy 6pk (DAK13700) by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more ducks!  Period

Pintail Duck Decoy 6pk
**SALE** Normally $100/6pk, ON SALE NOW FOR $89.95/6 Pack!!!
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