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**FREE SHIPPING** FULLY Flocked Mallard Floater Duck Decoys 12pk (DAK17000) by Dakota Decoys

**SALE** Normally $210/12pk, ON SALE NOW FOR $189.95/12pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
Manufacturer: Dakota Decoys



Fully Flocked Floating Mallard Duck Decoys

                  12 Pack - DAK17000

                    by Dakota Decoys

These FULLY FLOCKED Floating Mallard Duck Decoys by Dakota Decoys are setting a new bar in the decoy world!!

They are without question some of the finest gunning decoys in the world!


    • Outstanding colors are obtained using four colors of fiber
    • Six head styles spin 360º for a realistic look
    • Cleat on front of weighted keel to adjust line as needed
Dakota Decoy has gone above and beyond with these next-generation X-treme Floater Mallard Decoys. Drakes come fully flocked - hens are painted.

Unlike other decoys that use paint to create lifelike colors, these decoys obtain outstanding realism through four colors of fiber. The result is very little wear for years of trouble-free use. Six head styles spin 360º, giving your spread the most realistic look ever. Flocked drake heads duplicate the sheen Mother Nature gives a mallard drake. Durable 60/40 blend of high- and low-density polyethylene construction. Weighted keel features a cleat on front to lengthen or shorten line as needed. Includes: six drakes with four head styles and six hens with two head styles. Per 12.
Length: 16".

Head Styles Included:


  • 2 Tall
  • 2 Relaxed
  • 2 Short
  • 1 Preening


  • 2 Tall
  • 3 Short

These FULLY Flocked Mallard Duck Decoys by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more ducks!  Period.

**SALE** Normally $210/12pk, ON SALE NOW FOR $189.95/12pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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£115.87 (GBP)
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