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Duck Dog Basics III DVD - Advanced Handling by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

This DVD covers many advanced handling dog training techniques.
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Avery Sporting Dog presents:

 Duck Dog Basics III  DVD

"Advanced Handling"

with CHRIS AKIN - Professional Dog Trainer

The training DVD's of DUCK DOG BASICS and DUCK DOG BASICS II­ -BASIC HANDLING have provided the foundation and now DUCK DOG BASICS III- ADVANCED HANDLING will complete your training skills to develop you and your retriever into a team on and off the field. This DVD is realistic, and fun! This is not for fancy Trials dogs, this is for Serious Waterfowl hunters.

Do yourself a favor, save yourself a headache later!  Everyone knows that a well trained dog is worth having around! And, a poorly trained dog is hardly worth having around! This DVD will get you there!

Duck Dog Basics III Chapters

Chapter One: Building the 9 Point and Pattern Water Blinds

  • Akin's 9 Point Prep
  • 9 Point Drill
  • Akin's Answers - Cold Water
  • Akin's Pattern Water Blind Prep
  • Pattern Water BLinds
  • Akin's Log Drill

Chapter Two: Building the 7 Point Drill

  • Akin's 7 Point Prep
  • 7 Point Water Drill Akin's Answer - Casting Technique
    • 7 Point with white bumpers
    • 7 Point with orange bumpers

Chapter Three: Building and Developing Pattern Blinds

  • 5 Day Land Pattern Blinds
  • Akin's Answers Advanced Land Pattern Blinds
    • Difference in Pattern and Cold Blinds
  • Akin's Answers - The Stadium
  • Duck Dog Basics III In Close

Chris Akin was born and raised a duck hunter in Arkansas. He has over 30 years experiance hunting and training DUCK DOGS! He knows his stuff and can get you and your dog in the right place for top performance this season.  


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AV89993 Duck Dog Basics 3
Advanced Handling DVD
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