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2 Arm Tornado Rotary Machine


 by Sillosocks Decoys

This 2 -Arm Tornado Rotary Machine by Sillosocks Decoys is a perfect solution for no wind days. This 2 arm machine will run 4 Sillosock Flyers(2 per arm).

Combined with our flapping decoys(not included) these have proved to be deadly on waterfowl in the field. The diameter is around 14 feet from tip to tip and comes with a speed control to adapt to wind conditions.

Comes with new Stand system that makes it easy to install into hard or frozen Ground. This stand also works great for Mojos, tall flyers poles, etc. (Can be purchased separately if you need more stands!)

This 2 -Arm Tornado Rotary Machine SS1258 by Sillosocks Decoys comes with a Carrying Case in "Prairie Hide" Camo.  The case has separate pockets for the arms and a special pocket for the remote.  We have an Upgraded padded carry case available separately.

 Remote controlled unit works at 30-40 yards!!!  If using multiple machine we like to convert them to manual speed controls. (sold separately)

We tested running multiple 2 -Arm Tornado Rotary Machine by Sillosocks Decoys and up to 12 Flyers last spring......The results were amazing.   We were harvesting 90% Adult birds at very close range.  They were very curious and could not figure out the "multiple flyers".  Note: The angle of the arms is adjustable.  For smart adult birds in the spring, place the machine 50-75 yards upwind of the blinds with the flyers low to the ground.  In the Fall raise the arms up.  The Juvies and Ross Geese will pile into your decoys!! Try experimenting with the location of the mach to direct the birds over you.

This 2 -Arm Tornado Rotary Machine SS1258 by Sillosocks Decoys will attract waterfowl from miles away!  It is deadly on Ducks, Snow geese, Specks, Lesser Canadas, Crows, Pigeons, and Doves.

Use any 12 volt battery to power the machine.  A lawn tractor/ATV battery works well for one machine.  Use a deep cycle marine battery if you want to run 3-6 machines off of one battery.  

We appreciate your business. 

Thanks and enjoy!   Jim Jones Prairiewind Decoys/Sillosock Decoys

2 Arm Rotary Machine
**SALE** Normally $230, ON SALE FOR $184.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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