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**SALE*** Econo Snow Goose Silhouette Decoys by Real Geese Decoys

**SALE** Normally $65/dz, on Sale now for $59.95/dz or SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz pack!!
Manufacturer: Real Geese Decoys



Econo Series Snow Goose Silhouettes

by Real Geese Decoys

These Econo Snow Goose Silhouette Decoys are made of a light weight corrugated plastic material.  Printed with a detailed feather pattern, using a dead flat finish. A unique, double wire staking system helps with structural integrity in high winds.  These wires are powder coated in matching colors.

The Econo Series Snow Geese are packaged with six separate poses per dozen,.....All Adult Snows.   These silhouettes weigh only 3 lbs. per dozen so that hunters can easily manage the large number of decoys associated with hunting Snow Geese.

These lightweight Econo Silhouette Snow Goose Decoys by Real Geese Decoys look great mixed in with Sillosock or windsock decoys. Turn them perpendicular to the wind so geese see them broadside as the approach the rig from the downwind side.  It change the whole tin soldier look of the windsock spread.  These decoys work!

Sillosock 24" hooked stakes can be used as replacement stakes if you ever need any. 

Sold per 12.

Picture of 1dz Econo Snows - RG-WF909FL
1dz Econo Snows - RG-WF909FL
**SALE** Normally $65/dz, on Sale now for $49.95/dz!!!
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
ˆ33.96 (EUR)
Picture of 5dz Econo-Snows - RG-WF909FL-5dz
5dz Econo-Snows - RG-WF909FL-5dz
SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz Pack!
Availability: In stock
ˆ186.97 (EUR)
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