**SALE*** Pro Series Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys by Real Geese Decoys

**SALE** Normally $180/dz, on Sale now for $175.95/dz or SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz Pack!!
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Pro Series Canada Goose Silhouettes

by Real Geese Decoys

Decoy shine... How does it effect your hunting ?

These Pro Series Canada Goose Silhouette Canada Goose Decoys  have eliminated all the possibilities of light reflection and color wash with a patented non-glare, textured surface on one side of the decoy.  This material actually absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it.  The results are a decoy that takes on more "depth" when hunting on bright, clear days but still performs on cloudy winter days.  Wet, dewey decoys are no longer a problem with the Pro Series material!!

By applying the patented material to only one side of the decoy, we have been able to keep our decoys competitively priced and still offer a superior product.  Setting up your decoy spread is as simple as keeping the Pro Series Material facing the rising/setting sun.  The textured material is easy to tell apart from the regular side, even when wearing gloves.  By design, the decoys will not be facing in the same direction when set in this manner. 
These Real Geese Pro Series Canada Goose Silhouettes use the same detail enhanced artwork, poses, and sizes as our Magnum - Lites 3D's.  The same wooden stake system is used and the decoys weigh 10 pounds per dozen.

Goose hunters can't control what the weatherman delivers, we now have the tools to take the weather man out of the loop.

Sold per 12.

1dz Canada Goose Silhouettes - WF916PS
**SALE** Normally $180/dz, on Sale now for $174.95/dz!!!
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£106.72 (GBP)
5dz Pro Series Canadas - RG-WF916PS-5dz
SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz Pack!!!
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£518.47 (GBP)