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Water Stand by Clone Decoys

**SALE** Normally $70, Now for $49.99
Manufacturer: Clone Decoys


The Water Stand 

by Clone Decoys

The all new Water Stand By Clone Decoys allows you to place your Clone Decoy in shallow water, flooded timber, or rice fields. It is extremely stable!  This stand allows you to push the EMT Conduit into the mud as far as you can get it.  The legs provide stability for the center support. 

The Clone Water Stand features an adjustable height battery tray to supply your clone with power. A bungee holds the battery securely.

Requires one 5 foot(or so) piece of 1/2 inch EMT conduit and a 12V battery not included. Comes Black...camo as you like.

Aluminum...will not rust!

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**SALE** Normally $70, Now for $49.99
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ˆ33.99 (EUR)
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