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**SALE*** Pro Series Specklebelly Goose Silhouette Decoys by Real Geese Decoys

**SALE** Normally $180/dz, on Sale now for $159.95/dz or SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz Pack!!
Manufacturer: Real Geese Decoys



Pro Series Specklebelly Goose Silhouettes

by Real Geese Decoys

Anyone who has spent much time hunting Specks knows what a frustrating experience it can be.  When it's right, it can be the hunt of a lifetime.  In producing these decoys, we drew upon years of Speckbelly goose hunting experience to help us manufacture the most effective Specklebelly  silhouettes on the market.  Seeing is believing as we and our customers have experienced some awesome results simply by adding some Real Geese Specklebellies into existing spreads.

True-to-life colors and feather detail are matched with our patented non-reflective Pro Series material on one side of the decoy.  Each dozen uses our color matched stakes and contains six different postures. Sized to look in proportion with your decoy spread, yet large enough to attract the attention of the most weary birds.

"The first season I used the Speck decoys I was in total awe of their performance.  My clients shot more Specks in that one season than they had in the last nine years combined!  Their effectiveness continues from season to season.  These decoys have some kind of magical power over their flying brethren.  Seeing is believing!  I am positively convinced that you couldn't make a better decision than to get your hands on the Real Geese Pro Series Specklebelly decoys"

Darrel Wise,
Professional Waterfowl Guide


"One of my most memorable hunting experiences came the first season our Speckbelly decoys were on the market .  We were hunting with Darrel in Alberta and it was the first time I was able to hunt over our new Speck silhouettes.  We had a small flock of Specks coming in on a string, even though they were in gunning range, we allowed them to swing around our decoy spread a couple times.  They located the Speck decoys and dropped right in with them.  Game Over."

Jim Slotterbeck, 
Waterfowl Specialist
LSP Webfoot/Real Geese

Sold per 12.

Picture of 1dz  Specks - WF901PS
1dz Specks - WF901PS
**SALE** Normally $180/dz, on Sale now for $159.95/dz!!!
Availability: In stock
$159.95 (USD)
Picture of 5dz Pro Series Specks - RG-WF901PS-5dz
5dz Pro Series Specks - RG-WF901PS-5dz
SAVE $5/dz when you buy the 5dz Pack!!!
Availability: In stock
$774.95 (USD)
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