**CLOSEOUT** Wing Beat BLACK Canada Goose Power Flappers by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $70ea, ON SALE NOW for $44.95ea
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WingBeat BLACK CANADA Power Flappers

by Sillosock Decoys

These Flocked Black Canada Wing Beat Power Flappers by Sillosock Decoys provide excellent movement in the decoys! They work great with wind....or without wind.  This movement is as real as it gets!  These no shine Canada Power Flappers have a dead flat.   They will not shine.

Imagine flapping wings scattered all over your rig on no wind/light wind days.   Then imagine them going on and off intermittently! The birds have never seen this before.

These Flocked Black WingBeat Power Flappers come with a 3 stage switch: on, off or intermittent. Wingbeats are a great way to add realistic movement to any decoy spread.

Lightweight, portable, and cost effective. They come with a 15 foot wire to connect to any 12 volt battery. In the "on" position the decoy will flap continuously. In the intermittent mode, the decoy will flap for 5 seconds then off for 20 seconds...... until it is turned off or the mode is changed to full flapping mode.

Wingbeat CANADA Power Flappers are available will help you kill more geese! Can be used on a Sillosock Sidewinder machine for an incredible look!

Black Power Flapper - 1760
**SALE** Normally $70ea, On sale now for $44.95ea. BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR!
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