**SALE*** Pro Series II Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys by Real Geese Decoys

**SALE** Normally $230/dz, On Sale now for $199.95/dz!!
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Pro Series II Canada Goose Silhouettes

by Real Geese Decoys

In a world of custom decoys, the Pro Series II can only be described as "Custom Silhouettes".

We added our patented, textured, non-reflective surface to both sides of the decoys, developed new artwork for a more detailed, true to life color image, and 12 entirely new poses.

We stuck with the features that worked; highest quality materials, better/more demanding production methods, and the color matched  wood stake system.

They are sized them to be proportional with our existing line of decoys, about 15% larger than 12 pound Honker.  They work well when used by themselves or with any of our current decoys.  When used together with the Magnum Lites or original Pro Series and the Sit'n Geese a field hunter can now have 30 entirely different poses in their decoy spread.  No "toy soldier" effect here!

1dz Pro Series II Canada Goose Silhouettes - WF902PSS
**SALE** Normally $230/dz, on Sale now for $199.95/dz!!!
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