Blue Goose Clone Power Flapper by Clone Decoys

**FALL SALE** Normally $300, ON SALE NOW FOR $279.99!! OR BUY THE 6 PACK AND SAVE $15/BIRD = $265ea!!!
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The new Blue Goose Clones are the perfect compliment to mix in with your Snow Clones.   It adds another element of realism.  When it snows, the Blues are essential for a successful hunt. 

These next generation Blue Clones include a quieter motor, a new remote that will run 12+ clones, and a carry bag.  The new remotes allow you to sync 12+ Clones to one transmitter!

Welcome to the new world of motion decoys. Not just another "motion" decoy, but REAL motion with Remote on/off, speed control, and momentary control!

In the past, there have been many attempts at a true "flapping" or flying decoy and all have been successful in creating motion. However, most have failed in capturing that realistic true wingbeat and true flying body posture. The Clone, having been in the works and tested for the last few years, has resulted in the most true to life, durable, and well thought out flying decoy on the market today!

Key features
•Natural realistic motion
•True body posture
•Flies in any wind
    -use on no wind days all the way up to extreme wind       conditions.
•Durable, bulletproof design
•Simple set up and take down
•Remote - features speed control to dial in the desired speed of the wingbeat, toggle on and off,  and momentary switch as well. Provides excellent range up to 75 yards!
•Integrated stake system can be customized by the hunter to achieve different flying heights. Extra stakes available.

Clone decoys run on any 12 volt battery.....ATV, Motorcycle, E-Caller, deep cycle, etc. (not included). You can run 12+ Clones off of one deep cycle battery.   They draw very low amperage.

20' Clone Extension cords are now available.  Male/Female ends allow you to hook multiple cords together so you can get 40', 60', 80' feet away.  This allows you to run 12+ Clones off of 1 Deep cycle battery and spread them out.

The Blue Goose Clones Power Flyer by Clone Decoys are changing the game!

Sold as singles.....or buy the 6 Pack and save $90!  Mix and Match species if you want.

Note: Manual full speed wing flap works simply by reversing polarity at the battery.   This give you backup should you lose your remote!!

**FALL SALE** Normally $300, ON SALE NOW FOR $279.99!!
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€221.19 (EUR)
**FALL SALE** Buy 6 Clones and save $90. Mix and Match species...just email us what you would like.
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€1256.10 (EUR)