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35+ Snow Goose Sounds! FREE Snows on the Prairie CD Pre-installed! Best Caller on the Market!


"Snow Pro"

Electronic Game Caller by FOXPRO

This is the latest greatest call from Foxpro.  This is the perfect call for Snow Goose hunters.  It now comes with 35+ Snow goose sounds including our "Snows on the Prairie CD!  These sounds have been re-mastered by the sound technicians at Foxpro.   They are clear and crisp.   Plus there is 29 Predator sounds, and 9 Crow sounds included.  This Caller has a 300 sound capacity so there is plenty of room to expand and add music if you want!

 The Snows on the Prairie is a $20 value that you get for Free when you buy this E Caller from us.

This call is a little smaller than the Snow Crow Pro but still packs a punch. They 11.1 Volt lithium battery will easily last for the longest hunt.  You can plug into an external 12V power source if need be. 

Comes with a long range remote which allows volume control and sound control, which is essential when snow goose hunting. NOTE: The Remote transmitter requires a small 9 volt battery(not included.)

Color: White

USB reprogrammable

3 year Warranty

Speakers attach to the side of the case for easy transport.

This FoxPro Super Snow Pro Electronic Game Caller comes with 2 Speakers.  It will run 4 speakers easily. The speakers will plug into each other which allows you extra length. The speakers are easier to hide under a decoy as they are a little smaller than the snow Crow SP70 speakers.

The unit supports these file formats. MP3, WAV, 24B, and FXP

Made in America!

Snow Pro E-Caller - 00660
35+ NEWLY Remastered Sounds!
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