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***FREE SHIPPING** Hunting Snows E-Caller CD by Prairiewind Decoys

Includes two 30 minute Feeding tracks
Manufacturer: Prairiewind Decoys


by Prairiewind Decoys


The HUNTING SNOWS CD  by Prairiewind Decoys is a great addition to your Snow Goose Sound library on your E-Caller.

This is a proven time tested Snow Goose Hunting E-CALLER CD! It includes 2 - 30 minute tracks of feeding snow geese.

This Snow Goose CD will definitely add  more "lures" to your tackle box. This CD has been proven successful over the past  several years.  Our harvest pics show the truth. 


We load 3 CD's into our E-caller.  Snows on the Prairie 8.1, Hunting Snows CD, and Snows Down Low. This gives us a variety of sounds to try in different situations.  Everyday is different and having a "tackle box" full of sounds is the key to successful snow goose hunting.

Picture of Hunting Snows Compact Disc
Hunting Snows Compact Disc
Includes 2 - 30 minute Snow Goose Tracks **FREE SHIPPING**
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