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**SALE** Classic Doubles 20ga, 2 3/4", .875oz by Hevi-Shot Environ Metal - AMMO

**SALE** Normally $380/case, Now $314.95/case!
Manufacturer: Hevi-shot Environ-Metals


2 3/4" Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles**


(Continental US only)

Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles

20ga Guage

2 3/4" shells, 1.125oz, 

#4 or #6

by Environ Metal

Special Buy!   These are normally $380/case, Now $314.95/case while supplies last! Limited quantities.

The Classic Doubles line of shells by Hevi-Shot are designed for older fixed choke and fine classic doubles shotguns. The shotshells are loaded to 1150 fps and relatively low pressures to reduce recoil and function safely in old chambers. To compensate for the slower speed, Classic Doubles pellets are dense (about halfway between lead and steel) and hard-hitting. Hevi-Shot designed the pellets with a belted sphere for maximum pellet mass and greater lethality, and lubricate them for tight patterns that allow you to take birds at any reasonable range. Classic Doubles turn your old classic gun into an effective modern-performance birding gun.


  • 26% Denser than Steel but Soft like Lead
  • Denser, Stronger and Harder Hitting than Bismuth Pellets
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Belted Sphere for Maximum Pellet Mass
  • Buffered and Nano-Treated Pellets for Tight Patterns
  • USFWS-Approved Nontoxic Shot
  • Weather-Resistant Crimp

Hevi Shot Classic Doubles 20 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Specifications:

  • Gauge :     20
  • Length :     2 3/4 inches
  • Ounces :    .875 oz
  • Shot Size :  #4 or #6 shot
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1150 fps

Sold per case of 100 rounds.   10 boxes, 10 rounds per box

Hevi-Shot is heavier than lead!  We have comprised a density/weight comparison chart of the various shot choices on the market below for your information. When it comes to shear knockdown power at a distance, it's hard to beat Hevi-Shot.

  • Steel Shot - 7.86 grams per cubic centimeter (gms/cc)
  • Bismuth - 9.6 gms/cc
  • Hevi-X - 9.7 gms/cc
  • Tungsten Matrix - 10.60 gms/cc
  • Lead - 11.10 gms/cc
  • Hevi-Shot 12 gms/cc

"When every shot counts, choose Hevi-Shot!"

NOTE:  We can no longer accept Paypal for "Shotgun Shells or Reloading Components" as it is against thier new rules.  Apparently, they are trying to make us all safer, however this new rule/political statement does absolutely nothing but divide us.  You can still pay by credit card, check, or money order. Sorry about that!  We appreciate your business.  Please voice your opinion to Paypal 1-888-221-1161

Picture of #4 Shot - HS20274
#4 Shot - HS20274
**SALE** Normally $380/case, Now $314.95/case!
Availability: Out of stock
£192.12 (GBP)
Picture of #6 Shot - HS20276
#6 Shot - HS20276
**SALE** Normally $380/case, Now $314.95/case!
Availability: Out of stock
£192.12 (GBP)
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