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**FREE SHIPPING** Hevi-Metal 10ga, 3.5", 1.75oz, 1500fps by Environ Metal - FREE SHIPPING - AMMO

**SALE+FREE SHIPPING** Normally $480/case, Now $434.99/case! PLUS GET FREE SHIPPING!
Manufacturer: Hevi-shot Environ-Metals



(Continental US only)

Hevi-METAL 10 Guage

3.5" shells, 1.75oz

by Hevi-Shot - Environ Metal

HEVI-Metal shells offer 20% more pellets on target than any super steel on the market. A blend of steel pellets layered with HEVI-Shot pellets (two shot sizes smaller to match the ballistics of the steel pellet) greatly increase your odds of filling your limit.

Hevi-Metal 10 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Specifications:

  • Gauge :     10
  • Length :      3.5 inches
  • Ounces :    1.75 oz
  • Shot Size :  #BB's
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1500 fps

Sold per case of 250 rounds. 10 boxes, 25 rounds per box

Hevi-Shot is heavier than lead!  We have comprised a density/weight comparison chart of the various shot choices on the market below for your information. When it comes to shear knockdown power at a distance, it's hard to beat Hevi-Shot.

  • Steel Shot - 7.86 grams per cubic centimeter (gms/cc)
  • Bismuth - 9.6 gms/cc
  • Hevi-X - 9.7 gms/cc
  • Tungsten Matrix - 10.60 gms/cc
  • Lead - 11.10 gms/cc
  • Hevi-Shot 12 gms/cc

"Hevi-Metal - I didn't come this far to miss!"

Picture of  #BB shot - HS31088
#BB shot - HS31088
**SALE+FREE SHIPPING** Normally $480/case, Now $434.99/case! PLUS GET FREE SHIPPING!
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