**FREE SHIPPING** Hevi-X 28ga, 2 3/4", 5/8oz, 1400fps by Environ Metal- AMMO

**SALE+FREE SHIPPING** Normally $380/case, Special $324.95/case of 250 Rounds! BEST PRICES IN THE COUNTRY!
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Hevi-X 28 Guage

2 3/4" shells, 5/8oz, #4, or #6's

by Hevi-Shot - Environ Metal

HEVI-X is an affordable tungsten based waterfowl load. Compared to steel shotshells, HEVI-X is “Deadlier at Distance”, giving you 35% more knockdown power at 40 yards and 50% more knock down power at 60 yards. HEVI-X gives you higher pellet count on target, higher down range velocity, and more consistent patterns than steel. There is nothing like HEVI-X on the market. 

Hevi-X Tungsten 28 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Specifications:

  • Gauge :     28
  • Length :      2 3/4 inches
  • Ounces :    5/8 oz
  • Shot Size : Available in #4's, or #6's
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1400 fps

Sold per case of 250 rounds. 10 boxes, 25 rounds per box

We have comprised a density/weight comparison chart of the various shot choices on the market below for your information. When it comes to shear knockdown power at a distance, it's hard to beat Hevi-X for the money!

  • Steel Shot - 7.86 grams per cubic centimeter (gms/cc)
  • Bismuth - 9.6 gms/cc
  • Hevi-X - 9.7 gms/cc
  • Lead - 11.10 gms/cc
  • Hevi-Shot 12 gms/cc

"Hevi-X - I didn't come this far to miss!"

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#4 shot - HS52804
**SALE** Normally $380/case, NOW $324.95/case PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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£198.22 (GBP)
#6 shot - HS52806
***FREE SHIPPING - BEST PRICES IN THE COUNTRY** This is probably one the deadliest duck loads ever developed! Performs like lead!
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£198.22 (GBP)