Lesser Floating Canada Geese Decoys by Dakota Decoys

**SALE** Normally $190/6pk, Now $179.95
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X-treme LESSER Canada Goose Floating Decoys

(6 pack)

by Dakota Decoys


The NEW LESSERS Canada Goose Floating Goose Decoys by Dakota Decoys are here!

 Dakota once again has taken the boring old decoy to new levels. These just flat out look like a goose! The body is molded out of the same tough mix of high and low density polyethylene found in our full bodies, to give you the durability you deserve.


  • Soft Meva Plastic
  • One Piece Design
  • Flocked Heads


  • 2 Sentries
  • 3 Relaxed
  • 1 Searcher
Lesser Canada Floater 6pk - DAK22000
**SALE** Normally $190/6pk, NOW $179.95/6pk
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$189.95 (USD)