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**FREE SHIPPING** ProGrade XD Canada Goose Decoys by Greenhead Gear

**SALE** Normally $230/6pk, NOW 194.95/6pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear


This is one of the best NEW Products FOR THIS YEAR!

  Pro Grade XD Canada Goose Decoys

by Greenhead Gear (GHG) Avery Outdoors

These NEW GHG Pro Grade XD Honkers by Greenhead Gear are one of the nicest production decoys to ever come to market!  These new Canada Goose decoys take realism and convenience to a new level.

Feature include:

(1)Soft bodied for increased durability - toss them into the trailer without a worry.   No bagging required!
(2)One piece construction including the stand!
(3)Real Motion system with semi-permanent bases included.

(4) Tail Loops

(5) New square bases for added stability in high winds.

Active 6 pack includes: 2 Sentry, 2 Walker, 2 Active

Feeder 6pk includes 3 Left Feeder 3 Right Feeders

Harvester 6 pk includes 2 Left Feeder,1 Right Feeder,
1 Sentry, 1 Walker, 1 Active

Building off of the ever popular XD Series Mallard decoys, the next phase in full body goose decoying is here with the Pro Grade XD Series Honker Decoys.

GHG has incorporated all of the great things that make the XD Mallards tower above the rest, while adding in useful new features to the full body game that will make your hunt easier and more productive. 

 Combining the extraordinary carving detail with our supple Durafeather body, you’ll experience the toughest and most striking decoy available. The unique Illusory Motion paint scheme and body design create the ultimate illusion of movement. The one-piece design and durable body means no missing parts and the bold, aggressive paint scheme, combined with the flocked heads creates the unique look that XD Series decoys are known for. 

 With our new Flex-Lock Technology used in conjunction with the tried and true Real Motion Bases you’ll have the best of both worlds; a one piece decoy system (to speed up set up and pick up) that actually allows for motion -no need for bungee cords to hold the base on and hinder your decoy movement. When it’s time to pick up, use the tail-attached Quick-Grab Loops to get a handful of decoys back to the trailer in no time.

Choose Active, Feeder, or Harvester 6 packs

Picture of Active 6pk - AV71587
Active 6pk - AV71587
Availability: 5 in stock
ˆ132.57 (EUR)
Picture of Feeder 6pk - AV71585
Feeder 6pk - AV71585
**SALE** Normally $230/6pk, NOW 194.95/6pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
Availability: Out of stock
ˆ132.57 (EUR)
Picture of Harvester 6pk - AV71586
Harvester 6pk - AV71586
**SALE** Normally $230/6pk, NOW 194.95/6pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
Availability: 24 in stock
ˆ132.57 (EUR)
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