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Pit Lid Broom Corn by Prairiewind Decoys **FREE SHIPPING**

**SALE** Normally $150/25pounds, NOW $129.95/25pounds PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
Manufacturer: Prairiewind Decoys


Broom Corn Pit Lid Material

by Prairiewind Decoys

Pit Lid broom corn is trimmed to 28" in length with stalk attached and ready for manufacturing into pit lids or A-Frame Blinds.

Simply zip-tie to hog wire or expanded metal. It can also be sandwiched between strips of plywood.

1 lb of  broom corn laid out is about 1 foot in length.

Broom corn is a natural fiber and will span 12-16" over a pit blind or A-Frame.  It is easy to come up thru to shoot and provides great camoflage yet still gives the hunters good visibility.