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DriStor Dog Food Bag by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

2 Sizes Available

DriStor Dog Food Bag

By Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Perfect for the Traveling Hunter!


The "Weekender" Stores 20lbs of dog food.

The "Vacationer" Stores 40lbs of food!


-Air Tight seal keeps food fresh!

-Perfect for hunting trips

-PVC cacked DuraMax fabric

-Full length "see through" window

-Keeps water, dust, mice, and insects OUT of your dogs food!


Picture of AV01856 Weekender 20lbs
AV01856 Weekender 20lbs

WEEKENDER holds 20lbs.

Availability: 22 in stock
Old price: ˆ17.00 (EUR)
Price: ˆ13.53 (EUR)
Picture of AV01857 Vacationer-40 lbs
AV01857 Vacationer-40 lbs

Avery DriStor Dog Food Bags

Avery DriStor Dog Food Bags are perfect for storing your dog food while you're on the road. Keeps food dry and fresh in any condition. Available in two sizes to meet your needs.


  • Perfect for hunting trips, trials & hunt tests
  • PVC backed DuraMax fabric
  • Supported vinyl see-through window
  • Welded seams for air-tight storage
  • Roll top seals in freshness

Available in Weekender (60 cups) or Vacationer (40 lbs).

Availability: 81 in stock
Old price: ˆ20.40 (EUR)
Price: ˆ16.93 (EUR)
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