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Just Wings with 12' Telescopic Pole by Sillosocks Decoys

We have seen awesome results decoying ducks with Just Wings!
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys


Just Wings

These Just Wings are FACTORY SECONDS. They are perfectly funtionable.  

All you have to do is glue and tape them like the picture above!!

Basically you get the Just Wings for

 free as the 12' foot telescopic pole is $20!

The name says it all! We have seen awesome results decoying ducks with Just Wings! One great feature of Just Wings is that you can use them on a pole and put the pole down when geese are flying.  They can be used on a short pole or a long 12’ pole. Just wings are far more effective than a standard mojo… and a LOT cheaper! They can be used on a Bouncer or on a rotary machine to create movement ducks have never seen before! These are factory 2nds with a small flaw in the connections.  We've glued and re-inforced the flaw with tape on our own and they work and hold up as new.  

There is no limit to what a hunter can do with Just wings!

-Put in the ground or use on a stationary pole.

-Economical movement

-Can be used with Bouncers or Rotary Machines

-Works in NO WIND when waved up and down.

-No Batteries or wires

-Lightweight! Perfect for the pack in hunter!

-Easy setup

This Just Wings Mallard Spinning Wing Duck Decoy w/ 12' Telescopic Pole by SilloSocks


Choose Mallard Just Wings or Snow Goose Just Wings
SS1579SN Snow Goose Just Wings

Printed with Snow Goose Wings

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