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Ghillie Facemasks by Rancho Safari

Total Face Concealment! Choose Corn/Wheat Camo, Dirt/Pea Camo, Winter Wheat Green, and Snow White



How many times have you had birds flare and you look over at your buddy, only to see his shining face beaming like a lighthouse beacon!!!

Let's face it.......the adult birds are getting smarter and smarter with every passing season.   What use to work in the past.....(concealment wise)...... may not work so well this year.

This Over-the hat Ghillie FACEMASK will fix that problem forever.  We have literally had birds land on top of us! This Facemask was designed here at Prairiewind Decoys.

You can cut call holes in this Ghillie Facemask if you like. They allow 100% unobstructed view yet your head/face (which shows the most) is concealed.

The mesh fabric is breathable and really helps for me......... who wear glasses.

The opening is big enough that you can eat and drink......yet when it comes time to "cover-up" a drawstring tightener hold the mask securely around your nose.

They are designed to be worn with a baseball hat or warm hat with a bill. This helps to shades your eyes further.

Great for any situation.....layout blinds, pits, Upright blinds........anywhere your face shows.

This Ghillie Facemask is the best facemask that we have ever found!

AVAILABLE IN CORN/WHEAT Camo, DIRT/PEA Camo, Winter Wheat Green, Max 4, or Snow White Camo

NOTE: Trim away any strips that block your vision with scissors.

One size fits all. These masks are cut big.  Each mask has a drawstring tighener for a snug fit come game time.


Picture of Fall/Corn/Wheat Camo
Fall/Corn/Wheat Camo
This is great for lighter colored fields such as Corn, wheat, Barley, dead grass, cattails,etc
Availability: Out of stock
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
Picture of  4 Season Dirt Pea Camo
4 Season Dirt Pea Camo
This is an excellent camo for darker fields!
Availability: In stock
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
Picture of Spring Winter Wheat Green Camo
Spring Winter Wheat Green Camo
Availability: In stock
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
Picture of Snow White Camo
Snow White Camo
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
Picture of Max 4  All purpose Camo
Max 4 All purpose Camo
This is an excellent mask for dark fields or Timber Mallards!
Availability: Out of stock
ˆ20.37 (EUR)
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