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Ghillie Strips by Sillosock Decoys

3-D Layout Blind Concealment! Choose Corn or White
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys

3-D Ghillie Strips

by Sillosock Decoys

Concealment is major for any serious hunter! These 6 foot long strips work great to "brush up" any blind!

Saves you countless hours of collecting stubble!

Ghille Strips will eliminate the need to stubble your blind.

Simply weave Ghille Strips through your existing stubble straps and tie each end. 

Thats it! Your Done!

Can be easily dyed to match green wheat and are easily removed!  


Perfect for Concealing your layout blind or anything else!

You can even tie some to your dog!

Works great to conceal Pit lids!


Proudly used by Tony Vandemore at Habitat Flats


Available in Corn or Snow Camo!

10 Strips is enough to cover one layout blind.