Retriever Training Problems and Solutions DVD's (AV89990) by Avery Outdoors

155 minutes of Expert Dog Training Advise!
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Avery Sporting Dog presents:

"Retriever Training - Problems and Solutions" DVD's

2 DVD Set

by Avery Outdoors

with Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock

This DVD teaches the you how to work through common and some not-so-common retriever training and performance issues with a unique approach and style. Whether it is a hunting dog or a trials dog, this DVD will get you past your problems and challenges.

Do yourself a favor, save yourself a headache later! Everyone knows that a well trained dog is worth having around! And, a poorly trained dog is hardly worth having around! This DVD will get you there!

"Danny Farmer started his dog training career hunting ducks in Louisiana. He soon realized that he needed a dog that could do more than just pick up duck he saw fall. Fortunately, he soon met Judy Aycock at a trial. Judy taught Danny how to train a dog and Danny learned well.

Danny has since become the most successful professional retriever trainer in history. Judy continued to train dogs that performed almost flawlessly en route to multiple National Championships which cemented her title as the greatest amateur retriever trainer of all time."


This "Retriever Training - Problems and Solutions" DVD by Avery Outdoors will help you:

-Step by step and proven approaches to common problems

-Build a better retriever

-Become a better handler

Retriever Training Problems and Solutions DVD
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