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**SALE** Snow Goose Decoys (SS1012) by Sillosock Decoys

**BEST SALE Ever!** - Normally $60/dz NOW $37.95/dz!
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys


Snow Goose Feeder Decoys


By Sillosock Decoys

Printed and assembled

These Sillosock Feeder Decoys with 2-D heads are the deadliest decoys on the planet!  There has been more snow geese killed over Sillosocks than all the other type of snow goose decoys combined!  These are by far the easiest lightest decoys to set-out and pick up. Successful snow goose hunting is a numbers game.  One man can set out 250 Sillosocks in an hour! How many can 6 guys set in one hour?....1500 is an awesome set-up.


Why Sillosocks?

(1) The UV feather reflection of the Sillosock bag duplicates that of a real snow goose. These bags do not shine like plastic Full Body decoys when wet or frosty.

(2) Heavy duty liner bag - Its primary purpose is to protect the tyvek bag from backbone damage in the wind. No other company does this.  This give the decoy a much longer life. We have Sillosocks that are 10 years old decoys that look great!    This liner bag also makes the decoy look good "no wind" situations.

(2) Spring steel Hooked stakes - This design assures you will never lose a stake again. Pick the decoys up by the head with no worries. In super heavy wind, slide the decoy down the stake where the nose  touches the ground. If your stakes are glued in (with gorilla glue), push them into the ground so that the body touches the ground. This will stop any excessive movement.

(3) Powder Coated painted stakes eliminates rust and corrosion.

Longer 24" and 30" stakes are available.

  (4) Sillosocks are also the lightest windsocks on the market at 2.5 pounds per dozen.   This makes a huge difference packing them, setting them out, and picking up!

These Full Color Printed Snows come assembled.   All you have to do is install the stakes. Take a look at making a Stake Jig if you have a lot to assemble. (See pic)

  These decoys feature tyvek bodies that do not shine! Compare the printing to any other decoy.  It is by far the best out there! They also come with a 20" Hooked spring steel ground stakes.  This makes the heads practically impossible to break or bend. The artwork on the beaks and bodies is excellent. The bodies are machine washable!!   

MORE Advantages of Sillosocks include:

(1) A Lightweight portable windsock decoy that looks good in no wind situations. This mobility allows you to be where the geese want to be. This is rule #1 in successful snow goose hunting.
(2) Every Decoy has a realistic head.
(3) Great movement begins in 1 MPH
(4)  Very compact - Easily put 1000 decoys in the back of your truck - Allows you to hunt out of your truck.   Leave the gas guzzling trailer at home!
(5) Inexpensive compared to fullbodies and other windsocks.
(6) They work!

Pack the Sillosocks in a Cube bag.  Each bag will hold 200+ decoys. These bags stack extremely well.

This video was taken in dead-calm wind!   


Feel free to call (307-333-4810) or email us with any questions, concerns, bulk orders, shipping quotes, and Outfitter pricing.

Enjoy your hunts!   We appreciate your business.


Jim Jones

Sillosock Decoys

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Picture of Snow Feeder 1dz - SS1012
Snow Feeder 1dz - SS1012
Normally $60/dz, ON SALE NOW $37.95/dz!! BEST PRICE EVER!
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
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