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The Last Stand by Feather Flyer Decoys

Made for hard ground,ice, deepwater, gravel rivers!
Manufacturer: Feather Flyer Decoys


The Last Stand

by Feather Flyer Decoys

                                    NEW For this year!

These retail for $59.95.   Special Web Introductory price of $29.90.....for a limited time.

This ingenious stand was designed to hold a Spinning Wing Decoy, a pull string Spinner, a feather flyer, or a Sillosock Flyer in deep or shallow water, hard ground, gravel or ice!

 Also, this stand can be used to float a "Mallard Machine".

Have you ever had problems getting your spinning wing pole to stay up because of a rocky bottom?  Or the water was too deep for your spinning wing poles?

The "Last Stand" solves this dilema because it FLOATS!   Simply attach 3 decoys to the stand with the supplied clamps.  They clamp to any keel type decoy.  Then insert your flyer of choice into the middle of the stand.   Voila!   This thing works like magic and is very lighweight, quick, and easy to set-up. 

Note:   The Stand adds a lot of Ripples to the water as it vibrates when a spinning wing mallard is installed.



Have you ever had problems getting your spinning wing pole to stay up because of a rocky bottom? The Last Stand™ solves all your dilemmas!   By attaching 3 floating decoys to the provided clamps it floats and supports any type of flyer. A welded anchor line loop is located on the bottom of the Last Stand™ (anchor not included).   Note: You can use your duck decoy anchors in calm water.
 By not adding floating decoys it works equally as well for field hunting or hunting waterfowl on the ice! 
The Last Stand™ is lightweight, durable, welded aluminum tubing with a black powder coat finish. It is extremely easy to set-up and the most versatile stand on the market!  



The Last Stand™ was designed for use in hard ground, deep or shallow water for all motorized spinning wings, pull string spinning wings, Feather Flyers, Sillosock Flyers, wind ducks, etc.