**FREE SHIPPING** Flocked Canada Sleeper Shells by Dakota Decoys

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Flocked One Piece Canada Sleeper Shell Decoys


by Dakota Decoys

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New to the Dakota lineup is a new one piece Flocked Canada sleeper shell! The heads are molded into the body; these are truly a one piece, TANK!!!  These decoys are awesome!

  These new shells are constructed with the same mix of polyethylene to insure they will withstand everyday abuse hunters deliver to their decoys.

These new Fully Flocked Sleeper Shells are truly a work of art.   The quality is unsurpassed!

No Shine when wet, frosty, or sunny!   It does make a difference!

Decoy size:   25" long  x  12" wide  x  9" tall (top of head)

Flocked Canada Sleeper Shells 12pk -DAK12220
**SALE** Normally $320/dz. Our price $279.95/dz! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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