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Bigfoot Canada OS Sleeper Shells 6 pack (BF118677)

Normally $170/6pk, ON SALE now for $144.95/6pk
Manufacturer: BigFoot Decoys

BigFoot Canada Goose OverSize Sleeper Shell (6 pack)

ONE PIECE SLEEPER SHELLS with Flocked Heads!!!!

Great for ponds and resting well as feed fields!

Goose hunters from coast to coast have raved at the realistic look of these Canada Goose Sleeper Shell decoys by Bigfoot Decoys.  

Many duck hunters add a few of these decoys to their duck spreads and soon find out how well not only geese, but ducks as well, love to decoy into these.

 Decoy size is 33"L x 16"W x 12.5" H.

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Normally $170/6pk, ON SALE now for $144.95/6pk
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ˆ98.57 (EUR)
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