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Bigfoot Canada Standard Upright Honker Decoys (BF111487)

Normally $140/4pk, ON SALE now for $119.95/4pk
Manufacturer: BigFoot Decoys

Bigfoot Canada Honker Decoys - 4 pack


Includes: 1 Sentry, 1 Upright, 1 Resting, 1 Active


This is the Bigfoot original 4 pack that started it all!

To this day it is still the decoy found in most commercial hunting camps, and is still the decoy other companies have been chasing since 1984. These are the most durable decoy ever made!

Exacting realism, rugged construction, and great performance make Big Foot decoys a great value. Big Foot decoys are molded from tough polyethylene; feather detail is molded in and gives a soft lifelike appearance. Patented leg-foot assembly allows decoys to be used without stakes or tie-downs. Big Foot stands well on its own two feet. Big Foot decoys consist of only three parts, head, body, and the leg and foot assembly.

The original Big Foot upright decoys came with a feeder style head (which remains a favorite for many hunters), but soon after we saw the need for a true feeding Canada. The feeder's style is to this day the most realistic decoy on the market. Other companies have tried to copy this decoy, but the Big Foot feeder is still the king!

Big Foot uprights come in 4 packs, and come with 4 flocked head styles, 1 sentry, 1 upright, 1 active, and 1 resting. All heads are flocked and are inter-changeable with all previous upright Big Foots. Magnum size is 34"L x 26"H x 11"W.

These Standard Bigfoot Canada Goose Decoy 4 pack is a great investment.

Picture of BF111487 Upright Standard Canada Goose 4 Pack Decoys
BF111487 Upright Standard Canada Goose 4 Pack Decoys
Normally $140/4pk, ON SALE now for $119.95/4pk
Availability: In stock
ˆ81.57 (EUR)
Picture of Single Upright Bigfoot Decoy
Single Upright Bigfoot Decoy

Includes one Upright Bigfoot Decoy.  Great as yard ornament, garden decor, or pond art.

Availability: In stock
ˆ30.59 (EUR)