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FlyRight Flying Decoy Machines by Pacific Wings

Manufacturer: Pacific Wings


                 By Pacific Wings                   

**Flying Decoys and 12 volt Battery not included**

**Adult Signature will be required for all Flyright Shipments**

**All machines ship in 2 boxes and are very large and heavy and that is the reason for the high shipping charges.****

4 Models Available

(6 bird, 9 Bird, 12 Bird, 24 Bird)

These machines allows you to fly 3-30 birds at once! Use either Feather Flyer or Sillosock Flyers.  These machines are beefy and made to last! The overall width of all models is 25'.  New improved models no longer have the metal to metal noise.  There are only 3 decoys per arm for easy assembly. The new motors have improved torque to avoid problems of previous models.

The 24 Bird Models have two stacked decks, which allows for 8 arms.

The FLYRIGHT FLYING DECOY Machines feature a unique stabilizing bearing above the motor designed to take the stress and weight of multiple birds on multiple arms.  These units are tough and made to take a beating.  

The Flyright Flying Decoy Machines feature 3-8 arms with a  4-leg fold out base system that is extremely stable.  Set it up anywhere! Frozen hard ground or ice is no problem!  This versitile machine gives you the option to drop the arms down into "Wind slots" when the wind picks up to avoid putting strain on the drive shaft. These slots are welded to the base of the machine.  Note: The machine is not designed to be used in high winds.

These machines come fully painted with 25' of battery cable w/alligator clips. The motor runs best on a deep cycle battery.(not included)

The Feather Flyer Birds or Sillosock Flyers are sold separately.  

The FLYRIGHT Flying Decoy machines are made in the USA.

Patent Pending 

Picture of 6 Bird Flyright
6 Bird Flyright
Machine now comes standard with a heavy duty motor that pushes 100" lb of torque!! Over 2X more power than prior models!!
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
$627.00 (USD)
Picture of 9 Bird Flyright
9 Bird Flyright
New motor has 220 lb of torque!! Prior models had 40 pounds of torque.
Availability: Out of stock
$824.00 (USD)
Picture of 12 Bird Flyright
12 Bird Flyright
NEW Heavy Duty motor with 278" lbs of torque!
Availability: Out of stock
$1,179.00 (USD)
Picture of 24 Bird Flyright
24 Bird Flyright
Huge motor with 278 pounds of torque.
Availability: Out of stock
$1,879.00 (USD)