The Smart Stick - Frozen Ground Punch

Deploy more field decoys faster. Smart Stickā„¢ makes perfect holes for all brands of decoys requiring ground stakes; silhouettes, wind socks, even flying decoys.
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The Smart Stick - Frozen Ground Punch

When you need holes for your waterfowling equipment in frozen ground or hard ground, the Smart stick is your tool. Built to easily insert your boot into the stirrup, this tool leverages your entire body to make a hole.

 Deploy more field decoys faster. The Smart Stick™ makes perfect holes for all brands of decoys requiring ground stakes........ silhouettes, sillosocks, windsocks, rotary machines, even flying decoys.

Smart Sticks prevent mushrooming on conduit poles, installs quietly without hammering. This is real hunter's tool whether you're looking for a secured gun rest or a mounting point for equipment including spinning wing decoys, binoculars, cameras, flashlights, coffee bottles, or elevated decoys. 

The Smart Stick works to make set-up time fun again! 

The SmartStick™ provides a solid anchor point for holding several brands of flying decoys including Mojo Ducks. 

Use it as supports to drape ghillie blankets or Fast Grass for a quick portable blind.

The 5/8 inch steel punch will help you to add secure posts or start pilot holes for conduit poles for Feather Flyer Decoys.

Made in the USA!

Smart Stick - Frozen Ground Punch
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$47.95 (USD)