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Plastic Field Corn Decoys 12pk (AV71512) by Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors

Includes 12 plastic ears of decoy corn
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Plastic Field Corn

12 pack (AV71512) 

by Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors

One dozen life-like molded ears of Plastic corn!

String attachment loop for easy carry!

This fake decoy corn will help you get birds in close!

This molded polyethylene corn is highly effective in the late season when most crops have been devoured by hungry waterfowl. Dry years with poor corn harvest are also great conditions for our Field Corn.

You can customize these with Krylon rust colored spray paint and/or dirt to give them a realistic look.

This Field Corn 12 pack (AV71512) by Greenhead Gear will help you harvest more geese!