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Snow Covers for Migrator Blinds by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

White snow cover for Avery Migrator Blinds - 2 models to choose from.
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear


 Snow Cover

(for Avery M-2 and Migrator Layout Blinds)

Model (AV01390 and AV01403)

 by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG


These Snow Covers for Migrator Blinds  by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG are constructed from 100% cotton 10 oz. canvas treated with 3M brand waterproofing and 100% cotton webbing CamoStraps. Made to fit the M-2 Blind.

 Avery Greenhead Gear GHG Snow Covers are guaranteed not to reflect UV light on cloudy days or in low-light hunting conditions.

Complete with side Flagging Ports to match, these slip-style Snow Covers are held in place by a heavy-duty elastic hem. Ample CamoStraps provide for additional stubbling that will guarantee a phenomenal hide in any depth of snow cover.

 A 100% cotton canvas Carry Bag is included so you can keep your Snow Cover clean.


  • 600D DuraMax slip cover
  • Will not emit UV glow
  • Elastic hem for tight fit
  • Flag slits & CamoStraps
  • Clean bag included

These Avery Greenhead Gear GHG Snow Covers are very well made and durable.

This snow cover (AV01390) was made to fit the M-2 Layout Blind by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Model 01403 was made to fit the older Migrator Blinds