Canada Goose Floating Goose Decoys by Dakota Decoys

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X-treme Canada Goose Floating Decoys

(6 pack)

by Dakota Decoys


These X-treme Canada Goose Floating Goose Decoys by Dakota Decoys are here!

 Dakota once again has taken the boring old decoy to new levels. These just flat out look like a goose! The body is molded out of the same tough mix of high and low density polyethylene found in our full bodies, to give you the durability you deserve.

They have added a twist or two to help bring in those wary late season birds. Carved in detail and air brush painting will put the geese on the water. Also added a little bit of recess in the bottom of the decoy to help hold it down in wind, and eliminate the slapping noise made by some decoys. A heavy weighted keel will assist the decoy in righting itself when thrown. The keel also has a molded in cleat for tying off your line in varying depths of water. Screw mount head to assure the heads remain on when throwing out or grabbing to move.

The floaters are packaged in 6 packs, and come in 4 positions. 

Head Styles Included:

  • 2 Sentry
  • 2 Short Neck
  • 1 Aggressive
  • 1 Sleeper

These ultra realistic Canada floaters will be the envy of the marsh!

Floater Decoy Dimensions

23 1/2" Long (From chest to tail) X 11 1/2" Wide X 8" Tall
(From keel to middle of the back)

25" Long (From beak tip to tail) X 11 1/2" Wide X 13" Tall
(From keel to top of the head)


These X-treme Canada Goose Floating Goose Decoys by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more birds!
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Canada Floater 6pk - DAK12100
**SALE** Normally $230/6pk, NOW $194.95/6pk
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$194.95 (USD)
These decoys will not shine in wet, frosty, or icy conditions.
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$209.95 (USD)