**SALE** Painted Canada Honker Goose Decoys - SENTRY 4pk (DAK12010) by Dakota Decoys

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Painted Canada Honker Sentry 4 Pack


by Dakota Decoys

These X-Treme Painted Canada Honker Goose Decoys (Sentry 4 Pack) by Dakota Decoys combine the best of Bigfoots, Dave Smith, GHG, and Hardcore Decoys.


They come with Flocked heads and painted bodies.


Canada geese are very family oriented, and will continue to stay in their family groups throughout the migration. Every family, regardless of size, when contently feeding has at least one goose watching out for danger.

Some people think the Sentry is a scared goose, but they are really just taking their turn at watching over the rest of the flock as they feed.
We were very careful in carving our flocks watch dog. A true scared Canada stands very upright with its head as high as possible and its neck gets extremely skinny. We put our sentry in an alert position, but were very careful to avoid this scared posture. Our sentry will watch over your flock and signal incoming birds to stay away…. which only makes the approaching birds want what they have found, and will help you put more feet down birds in the decoys.   

Advantages include:

(1) The durability of a Bigfoot.  Molded in color and "fingernail" proof paint that is rock hard.  Very similar to the legendary durability of a G&H decoy.

(2) The carving and airbrushing of a Dave Smith Decoy.

(3) A unique movement system that allows you to control the movement.   I have always been a believer that only some of the decoys in a Canada goose rig should be moving.   

The “Wind Walker” motion system is second to none! It is a smooth, natural motion that gives the appearance of the natural walking movement of live birds. Limiters are molded into the bodies which work in very high wind conditions, without getting stuck. They have incorporated a stretchable leg system to assist with the movement, and also allow the decoy to be moved without the base falling off. Another feature of the system is the ability to turn the decoy on the base and snap lock the base into the decoy body, eliminating any movement and also allowing the decoy and base to be moved as one piece.

Dakota Decoys have worked hard at creating ultra realistic body positions with multiple head positions to create a unique look in the field. The flocked heads are the toughest on the market, and are molded out of black polyethylene to help hide wear marks inherent with flocking. Then they go to the trouble of painting each eye with a high gloss black paint to help make the decoy look alive!

The Toughest Full Body decoy on the market!
Sold Per 4

These X-Treme Canada Honker Goose Decoys (Sentry 4 Pack - 12010) by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more birds!