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**SALE** Premium Blue Goose FB Decoys (DAK12350) by Dakota Decoys

**SALE** Normally $170/6pk, ON SALE NOW for $139.95/6pk!!
Manufacturer: Dakota Decoys


        Premium BLUE GOOSE Decoys

                 (DAK12350) 6 pack

                  By Dakota Decoys

Made from a NEW SOFTER EVA PLASTIC.  This one piece decoy will last a lifetime.  These decoys are made to toss into the trailer!

Normally $170/6pack in Retail stores.   Buy them here and save!

 These Premium BLUE Goose Fullbody Decoys (12350) by Dakota Decoys are extremely realistic and well made. They come with ring base stands and FIELD STAKES!

These BLUE Goose Decoys present something brand new that the birds have not yet seen, and something that will withstand the tough weather conditions that hunter’s face.

Each box of X-treme Premium Blus is packaged in six packs, which includes 4 feeders and 2 uprights.

What makes this decoy so appealing to hunters is its ease of use. These Fullbody BLUE Goose Decoys (12350) by Dakota Decoys are constructed as one-piece body, with no removable parts, and a one-piece motion system that can be attached or easily unattached with one step. That means there are no lose head connections or having your decoy blow over or off its base.

The goal was to keep it simple. You will be impressed with the quality construction, realism and durability of the X-treme Snows. The custom Wind-Walker motion system is identical to their X-treme Honker full body decoys, and has been proven to make setup, moving and tear down a breeze.

Hit the snow geese hard with something they haven’t seen before.

Help save the tundra, one goose at a time!

X-treme Pack:

4 Feeders 2 Uprights

These Fullbody BLUE Goose Decoys (12350) by Dakota Decoys will help you harvest more adult snow geese than you though were possible!