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Ghillie Jacket in Winter Wheat Green Camo by RS

Choose Small thru 2XL The Ultimate in Concealment!
Manufacturer: Rancho Safari


 in Winter Wheat Green Camo

 by RS

 These Winter Wheat Green Ghillie Jackets are some of the best camouflage going.  Perfect for Waterfowlers or Bowhunters! Lightweight, Compact, and super Low Profile! 

These Collared Jackets are lightweight, compact, and super low profile. Perfect for field layout hunting of wary ducks and geese. Just lay down!

These Ghillie Jackets can be customized with Avery Killer Weed(available in 9 colors). Just zip tie small bundles where you want! Or You can also customize with spray paint to exactly fit your needs.

Combine with the Duckbill Ghillie Facemask, Ghillie Pants and/or Ghillie Blankets for the ultimate in concealment.  

Choose Small thru 2XL