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Ghillie Blind Covers (4-6"x18') by RS

Choose the Corn/wheat, Dirt/pea, Winter Wheat Green, or Snow White Camo
Manufacturer: Rancho Safari


                                               GHILLIE BLIND COVERS

                                 4-6" x 18'

                                                             by Rancho Safari

 These Ghillie Blind Covers can be used on standup blinds, box blinds, boat blinds, ATV's, etc.   These Ghillie blind covers are some of the best camouflage going.   Lightweight, Compact, and super Low Profile!

The Ghillie Blind covers have Burlap and Jute weaved into the patterns for extra definition and great Camo.


Four colors to choose from:

(1)Corn/wheat blanket for barley, corn, wheat, or dead grass.

(2)Dirt/pea blanket for dark field like peas, lentils or plowed dirt.  You can mud up this camo for even better concealment.

(3)Winter Wheat Green for the early season, alfalfa, Triticale, Rye, etc.

(4) Snow White Camo  (White ghillie material with a yellow corn colored backing)  Can be bleached or sprayed with "Kilz" primer if you want them whiter.

These Ghillie Blind covers are lightweight, compact, and super low profile. Perfect for boats, River blinds, box blinds, field layout hunting of wary ducks and geese. Just lay down and pull over the top of you. . Great to cover your ATV, your Blind, your gear, your dog, or yourself. Cut out eye holes if you like or wear a facemask and look over the top.

Other Ghillie Gear accessories include Duckbill Facemasks, Ghillie Jackets, Ghillie Pants, and Ghillie Blankets.